Integrity, Discretion, Excellence

Baby Boy Management Group, LLC (BBMG) is a company specializing in management primarily for touring musicians and production personnel. The mental obligation and physical exhaustion that's associated with road life can be draining. Our ultimate goal is to relieve some of the pressure allowing our clients to perform at their highest level, while we manage all business responsibilities. We do this by recognizing that each client is unique with their own personal and business DNA, so we are successful when we:

  1.  Partner with clients to identify their needs
  2. Customize solutions that are specific to achieving their long-term career goals.


With more than 10 years of management, financial services and entertainment experience, our team is knowledgeable in identifying resources, strategies, and solutions that drive our client’s success. We are here to serve and provide an unparalleled client experience and guarantee professionalism, integrity, discretion, and accountability in all of our transactions.


Testimonials ...


"I tell Aaron often how fortunate he is to have BBMG handling his business, I hope he appreciates this service."

- Andy Parkas

Shady Records


"BBMG is a fierce advocate for their clients. Their combination of intelligence, determination, and grit is essential to properly manage clients in today’s entertainment industry."

- Dan Shulman

Entertainment Lawyer



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